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Lot in Life is a deck building game that has you play through someone’s life. You start in Era 1, which is considered childhood through college. In Era 1 you don’t get any choice over your “lot in life”, each card is something that in theory your family and/or school has given you. After Era 1 you decide if you wish to go to college, if you do then you can choose to pursue a job in Science or Medicine if you don’t go to college then you can pursue a job in Retail or the Military. Upon choosing a job you enter Era 2, here you get to decide the big adult decisions like buying a house, having a kid, or going on vacation. But, in Era 2 the challenges you face are much more consequential. As your years wane on you enter Era 3 you take more injuries every turn, but also gain more points the longer you survive. You die when the majority of your hand is injuries. Your goal is to live the longest, fullest, and most point filled life you can while dodging life’s curveballs.

Install instructions

All the "cards" in the GDD are ones that you shuffle, the "Events" and "ambitions" are ones that are just on your playmat. You will need to track your relationship status, hand size, and a few other things.


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